How to have a Successful, “Thriving” Equine-Assisted Therapy Practice

(all without wasting years and expense on trial and error)

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Some of the Top Questions We Get Asked the Most

  • Where do we get an Equine-Assisted Therapy certification?
  • How to start and set up an Equine-Assisted Therapy business?
  • How much to charge clients?
  • How do you negotiate contracts with other agencies?
  • How to help a client that seems stuck?
  • How do I make a living while doing this work?
  • How to apply for grants for your Equine-Assisted Therapy program?
  • How to find and what to look for in a good business partner or teammate?
  • How to start a program for veterans and those who suffer from PTSD?
  • What are some different Equine-Assisted Therapy activity ideas?
  • What success have we seen with ADHD, Autism, and at-risk kids and teens?
  • What does successful fundraising and marketing look like?
  • And the list goes on and on

The Answer to the Questions

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